Non Emergency Vans

Non-Emergency Transportation

DMCare Express provides non-emergency transportations to patients, within a ten-mile radius of the DMC hospitals.  This is a reliable and cost effective means  to get from home to outpatient diagnostic testing and procedures (CT  and PET Scans, MRI, inpatient/outpatient surgeries, endoscopy, cardiac catheterization and GI procedures).

Allarrangements must be made between a DMC staff member our DMCare Express communications center (No calls from patients).

  • Patient must be going to a DMC Facility/Clinic
  • Vehicles will only pick up and drop off a patient at the address provided be the staff member.
  • Drivers are not permitted to enter a patient’s house
  • If a patient is wheelchair bound, a wheelchair ramp must exist at the home or a family member must assist the patient to the ground level. 
  • Drivers are not permitted to lift or carry patients.  Family members must be present for the patient’s pick up and drop off.

Cancellation of van service requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to the DMCare Express 24-hour Dispatch Center.  Call 1-800-343-4427 for cancellation.