DMCare Express Employees Win The Life Saver of the Year Award
Each year one EMS team is selected by Detroit East Medical Control Authority (DEMCA) for an outstanding effort to save a life.

 This year three employees from DMCare Express were selected for this award based on a CPR save of a 30 yr old man. Congratulations to our employees for a job well done: Stephanie O’Neil (EMT), Dennis Dooley (EMT) and Craig Onderbeke (EMT-P).

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Now Hiring – NEW
Would you like to work at a Red Wings or Tigers game? If you are a licensed EMT or Paramedic, see our flyer for more information.

New Ambulance
DMCare Express continues to grow. We recently added another ambulance to our fleet so that we can continue to serve our clients as we expand.

Non Emergency Van’s
DMCare Express is expanding our Non Emergency Van (NEV) service by providing transportation to new service areas including all areas within a 50 mile radius of the Detroit Medical Center. As part of this expansion all in service vans were refurbished.

EMS Eduction
The Life Support Training Institute in partnership with DMCare Express is currently providing EMS and First Aid training in our training facility within our headquarters. We are currently training the staff at Comerica Park and Joe Louis Arena.

Satisfaction Surveys
Please take a moment to complete the appropriate patient satisfaction survey to help us https://coquetelephones.fr/ ensure that we are providing the best patient care possible.

DMCare Express is the authorized provider of external ambulance, van and taxi service for all DMC facilities.

DMCare Express is a full service medical transportation company offering ALS, BLS, PICU (Panda One) and Non-Emergency Van transportation.

DMCare Express is proud to serve as an extension of the Detroit Medical Center into the surrounding communities.

For 24 Hour Dispatch Service Call:
Dial 911 for Emergencies

(Ambulance) Physician Certification Statement For Medical Necessity

A Physician Certification Statement (PCS) is required, pursuant to 42 C.F.R. 410.40(d)(2) and (3), by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid (CMS) on all scheduled and unscheduled non-emergency transports.

In an effort to make these forms readily available to healthcare providers who are arranging medical transportation by ambulance, you may download the form here.